Edward The Martyr 975-978AD Silver Penny bust left, Stamford


Code: RS520

Edward The Martyr 975-978AD Silver Penny bust left,

Bare headed bust left/Small cross

Mint. Stamford. Moneyer. HILD

S1142, 20mm, 1.22g

This coin comes with an extensive provenance (starting with Spink in 1969) & previous handwritten label.

Edward ‘The Martyr’ (975-978): Taking the throne as a child of only twelve after the early death of his father, Edward was the eldest son of Eadgar. However, he lacked popular support as his mother had not been Ælfthryth – who had been officially anointed as Queen alongside Eadgar at his coronation in 973. To the Anglo-Saxon nobility, this gave him a lesser status. Already weak and easily manipulated as a child monarch, Edward was seemingly undermined by his own nobles and relatives – regional instability becoming rife and governmental business grinding to a halt. In 978, he was brutally murdered at Corfe, Dorset -with some suggesting that the force behind this was his own step mother Ælfthryth, keen to help propel her own son Æthelred onto the throne. Buried quickly with little ceremony – he was only after some years accorded a proper, royal reburial. When exhumed, the corpse was reportedly found to be in perfect condition. This was declared a miracle, and as such Edward acquired the epithet ‘The Martyr’ due to both this occurrence and his untimely, murderous death at the hands of his own people.

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