Eadmund 939-946AD Silver Penny Small Cross type


Code: RS486

Eadmund 939-946AD Silver Penny Small Cross type, moneyer AETHELMUND

S1105, 22mm, 1.36g

Slightly double struck to obverse, good silver.

This coin comes with a previous hand written label

Eadmund (939-946):  Second son of Edward the Elder, Eadmund ascended to the throne as his brother (and predecessor) Æthelstan had no children. Though forced to make early concessions when Anlaf Guthfrithsson succeeded in resurrecting the old kingdom of Danish Northumbria, Eadmund retook the region after consolidating his position. Sometimes known by the epithet ‘The Magnificent’, Eadmund was a litigious man – noted for his compilation of several law codes. Most of these are concerned with increasing social stability and creating a more structured, mutually supportive society. However, he was also evidently interested with aspects of the occult – some of his ordinances forbid the consumption of hallucinogenic plants and performance of magic or sorcery! He was abruptly murdered in 946 by an outlaw while defending one of his servants, and was succeeded by his younger brother Eadred because his own children were too young to become monarchs in their own right.

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