Eadgar AD 959-975 Silver Penny Pre reform North Eastern mint


Code: CS57

Eadgar AD 959-975 Silver Penny Pre reform North Eastern mint, moneyer Mana.

Small cross / Moneyers name in 2 lines with crosses between. Moneyer MANA MO

S1129, 21mm, 1.30g. Good metal, full flan, pleasing tone.

This coin comes with a previous hand written label.

Eadgar (959-975): Known as ‘The Peaceful’ – Eadgar’s reign flies in stark contrast to that of his older brother. His reign was indeed stable and peaceable – reflecting to some the very pinnacle of the 10th century English state. Overthrowing many social norms, he was not crowned until 973 – perhaps keen to make a political statement in celebrating the very peak of his power and authority. Uniquely, his third wife Ælfthryth was anointed as Queen alongside him – an unprecedented occurrence. For numismatists his reign is of acute interest – as he instigated a major reform of both weights and measures alongside with the coinage itself. From 972, coins were no longer struck regionally – instead, new types using standardised, centrally produced dies would be issued every few years and the old money called in for re-minting. The use of non-portrait designs was dropped totally, every subsequent coin struck in England bearing the image of the King on its obverse face. His premature death in 975 marked the beginning of a decline which England would take decades to emerge from.

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