Durotriges Cranbourne Chase Silver Stater 60-30BC ex Brighstone Hoard 2005


Code: HC240

Durotriges Cranbourne Chase Silver Stater 60-30BC

ABC2157, S365, 18mm, 5.79g

Wreath cloak and crescents / Disjointed horse left, rectangular head, body of crescents, four vertical legs, three sub-horizontal lines for tail, pellet below and twelve pellets above.

This coin comes with an old ticket.

This coin comes from the Brighstone Hoard (Treasure Case 2005 T443), some 967 Cranborne Chase silver staters and associated pottery found on the Isle of Wight in 2005. This hoard was found close to the site of another similar hoard which was found just a few years earlier, no doubt the finders, who were 15 members of the Isle of Wight metal detecting club were searching this area because of that earlier find. The coins were reported to the local FLO and studied at the British Museum before being returned to the land owner and finders who gradually sold their shares making coins like this one available to us today. Well done to the finders!

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