Corieltauvi Volisios Dumnovcoveros 35-40AD Gold Stater, Scarce


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Corieltauvi Volisios Dumnovcoveros 35-40AD Gold Stater

Vertical wreath over 2 lines of inscription reading VOLI in upper and SIOS in lower/Lunate horse left with large open head. Pellet triad below head.

ABC1980, S416, 19mm, 5.37g.  Scarce

A most attractive example with fantastic provenance.


Spink, by private treaty, 8 December 1942 [ref. G10069 / Inv. H5152] – £3.10.0

‘SSB’, cabinet purchased by Spink, Spring 1942

Sir Denis Duncan Harold Owen Boulton, 3rd Baronet and Honorary Equerry to Her Royal Highness Princess Louise († 10 August 1968), a survivor of the torpedoing of RMS Lusitania (Cabin A8, Ticket 20609) on 7 May 1915, and possessor of the collection at time of sale to Spink

Sir Harold Edwin Boulton, 2nd Baronet († 1 June 1935), author of the ‘The Skye Boat Song’, and painted by Bassano in the National Portrait Gallery

~ thence by descent ~

Sir Samuel Bagster Boulton, 1st Baronet († 27 April 1918)

Samuel was buying in the decade before his decease, with auction pedigrees from Martinetti (November 1907); Sir John Evans (May 1909); W C Hazlitt (July 1909); and private transactions from H. Hoffman (1891) and E J Seltman (1894-1920). Following his stint as Vice-President of the London Chamber of Commerce (1893-1898), he was created a Baronet in 1905. Of his seven children, Harold would inherit the Baronetcy and daughter Mabel, better known to history as Mrs. St. Clair Stobart, would be a leading suffragette and founder of Women’s Sick and Wounded Convoy Corps (WSWCC) that saw action in Serbia (1912) and the Western Front during the Great War.

With an old handwritten coin label & envelope, detail vague and inaccurate but then little was understood about this series when this was written, circa 100 years ago.

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