Claudius Silver Plated Denarius 41-54AD DE BRITANNI


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Claudius Silver Plated Denarius 41-54AD DE BRITANNI
18mm, 2.95g

The ‘Arch of Claudius’ was a triumphal arch built in Rome to honour the emperor Claudius’ successful invasion of Britain.

The arch, with its inscription, was dedicated in AD 51, although coins were issued prior to the event. The coin shows the arch surmounted by an equestrian statue between two trophies. It was a conversion of one of the arches of the ‘Aqua Virgo’ aqueduct where it crossed the Via Flaminia, the main road to the north, in Rome.

Plated denarii often occur from the1st to 3rd centuries AD. It has been suggested that good quality coins were intended to be used as official issues.
This example is centrally struck, the portrait with some good details.

Provenance will be provided.

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