Charles I 1625-1649AD Silver Halfcrown Civil War Siege coinage Newark 1646AD


Code: KM70

Charles I 1625-1649AD Silver Halfcrown. Civil War, Siege coinage – Newark 1646AD

Obv. Large crown between CR. XXX. Rev. OBS/ NEWARK/1646.

A pleasing example of this interesting coinage.

S3140A, 29x35mm, 15.01g

This coin comes with an old NGC label (coin not encapsulated).

Siege money was struck in Newark during the siege in 1646, which was the last year of the First English Civil War. The besieged Royalists set up a mint and used salvers, flagons, drinking cups, etc., fashioned into lozenge-shaped flans, striking half-crowns, shillings, ninepences, and sixpences in order to be able to continue paying the troops who were defending their king (payment required!).

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