Carausius Silver Denarius 286-293AD


Code: FR896

Carausius Silver Denarius 286-293AD

19x18mm, 4.79g

A wonderful coin, high grade and extremely rare.

Obverse. IMP CARAVSIVS P F AV; Laureate, draped and cuirassed right. Reverse. VBERI(/V)TAS AV; Cow standing right, being milked by milk-maid seated left. RSR in ex. Ref: (Reece Period 14), RSR Mintmark. RIC V, pt 2.

Recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database as FASAM-3D17E1. This coin featured in the Searcher Magazine November 2021 ‘Carausius and the milkmaid’, by Dr Sam Moorhead and Lee Richardson. Dr Moorhead writes ‘This is the first clear example of this particular variety, though the same reverse appears with four coins which show Carausius in consular dress on the obverse.

Portable Antiquities Scheme’

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