Canute 1016-1035AD Silver Penny Pointed Helmet Type


Code: HS682

Canute 1016-1035AD Silver Penny Pointed Helmet Type, London / Godric

S1158, 18mm, 1.06g

Pointed helmet type, bust left holding sceptre./ Short cross annulet in each quarter, London mint Godric.

Cnut ‘The Great’ – 1016-1035

A prominent Scandinavian prince and junior member of the Danish royal house, Cnut spent much of the early 11th century as an active participant on raids directed at England. In 1013, his father Swein Forkbeard invaded England and became its king by dint of conquest – though died shortly afterwards. Cnut was forced to retreat back to Denmark, but returned to England in 1015. Defeating the English at Assandun in 1016 and forcing a settlement, Cnut eventually succeeded to the throne of all England. An outwardly pious man, he gave generously to religious houses during his reign and went on pilgrimage to Rome – despite being a murderous bigamist. During his near twenty-year long rule, he came to unite England, Denmark, Norway and part of Sweden into the powerful but short-lived ‘North Sea Empire’.

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