Atrebates Verica Gold Stater, 10-40AD Vine Leaf type


Code: TC989

Atrebates Verica Gold Stater, 10-40AD Vine Leaf type

16x18mm, 5.28g, ABC 1193, S121/2 Scarce

A pleasing example of this iconic type with good detail on both sides.

Vine Leaf, VI to left, RI to right. / Helmeted warrior on horse, holding shield and spear, C O F around.

This type is a fantastic representation of the early coinage of Britian during the 1st Century AD. A combination of the Iron Age and increasing Romanisation of Britannia.

King Verica of the Atrebates tribe who ruled south of the Thames was deposed by Epaticcus, son of king Tasciovanus of the Catuvellauni tribe (North of the Thames). He fled across the English channel to his ally and no doubt provided inside information which counted towards the success of the Claudian invasion of Britain in 43AD. A powerful ally to have.

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