Atrebates, Verica Gold Stater 0-40AD exceptional


Code: JC799

Atrebates tribe, Verica Gold Stater, 0-40AD. exceptional condition

COMF in tablet / Warrior on horse right, holding spear, VIR behind, REX below.

ABC1190, S120

16mm, 5.33g

Provenance will be given.

A beautiful example of an Iron Age coin. Verica was a popular ruler who built allegiances with the Roman Empire, the Claudian invasion was a direct result of Verica being expelled from his territories south of the Thames by the Catuvellauni to the north. For more information see our article associated with ‘The Vine Leaf Hoard’ (The Vine Leaf Hoard (AKA The Chawton Hoard) – Silbury Coins : Silbury Coins).

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