Atrebates Epaticcus Gold Stater 20-40AD ext. rare


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Atrebates Epaticcus Gold Stater 20-40AD ext. rare
17x18mm, 5.53g – heavy for type meaning that this would be one of the earliest coins struck under this king.

ABC1343, S355
A fabulous gold stater, struck under king Epaticcus during the British Iron Age over 2000 years ago! Not only is this coin in superb condition but it’s extremely rare too! There are only 24 staters of Epaticcus known, 13 of which are housed in the British museum. Epaticcus is most famous for expelling king Verica from Southern England with the backing of Cunobelinus prompting the Claudian Invasion in 43 A.D.

A very attractive example.
Provenance will be provided, this coin is recorded with the Celtic Coin Index.

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