Archbishops of Canterbury Wulfred 805-832AD Silver Penny


Code: HS249

Archbishops of Canterbury Wulfred 805-832AD Silver Penny DOROVERNIA C monogram

S889, 21mm, 1.34g. Minor edge perforation at 8 o’clock on obverse, professionally stabilised.

A most attractive coin, well struck on a broad flan, little wear and pleasing dark tone.

ex Spink Numismatic Circular, NOvember 1993 (number 7819).

Wulfred (805-832) – primarily known as a clerical reformer who laid down many rules regarding how cathedral chapters should live, work and pray – Wulfred also engaged in a fair degree of low-level political conniving. Coming into conflict with both Coenwulf over the issue of whether monasteries came under the control of the church or laypersons, Wulfred was exiled at least once for his antics. These included sending secret embassies to the Pope and the forging of false documents. Wulfred’s coins are the first to feature a depiction of himself – and also (unlike the coins of Jænberht and Æthelheard) do not refer to the concurrent ruler of Mercia at all. He survived the takeover of Kent by Wessex without being removed from his position, and died in office.


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