Antoninus Pius Silver Denarius 138-161AD Exceptional


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Antoninus Pius Silver Denarius 138-161AD Exceptional
17x18mm, 3.66g

Recognised from contemporary literature as a successful and capable emperor, he rose to power when in 138AD he was adopted by Hadrian and designated as his successor. On his accession, Antoninus persuaded the Senate to offer divine honours to Hadrian, in response to this it is likely he was given the surname ‘Pius’ by the Senate.

Though references to Antoninus in 2nd-century literature are scarce, profound events occurred; a rebellion in Roman Britain was suppressed, and in 142AD, a 36-mile garrisoned barrier, the Antonine Wall, was built to extend the Roman frontier some 100 miles north of Hadrian’s Wall, and Antoninus’ armies contained revolts in Mauretania, Germany, Dacia, and Egypt. After Antoninus’ death in 161AD, the empire suffered invasion by hostile tribes, followed by a period of civil strife.

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