Anglo Saxon & Viking

The Anglo Saxon and Viking period is typically regarded in Britain as that which follows the Romans departure in the early fifth century up to the Norman conquest of Britain in the 11th century. The Saxons and Vikings were two very different groups of people. Essentially, the Saxons came from Northern Germany and the Vikings same from Scandinavia. Both groups invaded Britain, however this happened at different times, the Saxons in the late 5th/early 6th century and the Vikings in the late 9th century. Their differences are reflected throughout art of the period.

It is a period of development of highly decorative and distinctive art forms; manifested in so many of the portable items of the period, metal s being just one of many worked materials. Gold, silver, and bronze were routinely used, together with enamel and gemstones. Much of the surviving metalwork from this period uses zoomorphic themes, often based upon characters from mythology. Representation can be very abstract and open to interpretation. Artefacts most commonly occur in gilt bronze and include strap-ends & fittings, brooches, and mounts for a wide variety of personal, domestic and equestrian purposes.

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