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Welcome to our latest Newsletter, Autumn is almost upon us and we can’t believe this will be our first Newsletter of 2023! Moving forward we hope to keep in touch more regularly and to help with this have welcomed a new starter, Nadine, to the Silbury team. Nadine will be on hand to provide communication updates (like these Newsletters) and customer support, alongside our experienced team. We look forward to speaking to you soon, The Team at Silbury

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Charles I Silver Pound 1625-1649AD

Each Newsletter we will focus on one particular coin and share it’s unique history. This month Silbury’s own Director, John, shines the light on this special coin. “Such coins were produced at a time of duress, when the King had moved his Capital from London after the Battle of Edgehill…

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The War of the Roses Hoard

There is little in the coin world that excites in the way that a newly discovered hoard does. The mystery, antiquity and sheer romance of unearthing a group of coins that have remained in the earth, undisturbed for years, cannot be rivalled…

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The Borden Hoard

This story begins on the 1st of January 1873 with the chance finding of three ancient gold coins in Kent, England.

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A recap of exciting local discoveries

A new ‘Tealby’ hoard

A metal detectorist in Chippenham, Wiltshire, has discovered a hoard of over 570 ‘Tealby’/cross-and-crosslet issue pennies of Henry II – the largest accumulation of these coins to have been found… Read more

Hambledon hoard declared Treasure

Uncovered by four detectorists at ‘Spring Detectival’ in 2019, the Hambleden hoard is one of the largest Medieval English coin hoards to have been recorded in the last decade… Read more

News from the world of British Archaeology

Museums in turmoil

Historic England recently commissioned an audit of museum storage across the country. The result is, that at the current rate of deposition, room for material from developer funded excavations requiring storage will soon be non-existent. Read More

Harpole Treasure

Possibly the most important Anglo-Saxon discovery of the last decade was discovered on a commercial archaelogoical excavation ahead of development near Harpole, Northamptonshire in early 2022. However, the news was only released to the public some 7 months later. Read More

World Archaeology

Topics of interest from World Archaeology
Excavations at the site of Bad Ems on what was the northern Roman frontier have revealed original defensive wooden spike entanglements set within the ditch of a probable 1st century fort. Preserved thanks to waterlogged soil conditions, similar defensive features (known as cippi) are also present at Hadrian’s Wall.

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Silbury Coins presents:

The Sussex Collection
A carefully put together cabinet with emphasis on quality rather than quality. The collector sources his coins from reputable deals and metal detectorists during the late 1990’s through to his last purchase in 2008.  The collection consists of Primary, Continental, Secondary and Northumbrian  coins.  The coins have been off the market from 15 years and are sure to sell quickly given their overall high grade.

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