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William II Silver Penny 1087-1100AD £2,200.00
William II Silver Penny 1087-1100AD
20mm, 1.42g
Voided Cross type

Struck on good metal with a bold portrait. Hairline scratch to reverse evident in photos.

This coin comes with an old collectors ticket stating that it may have been struck at Lincoln and that it is ex Lucas (collection) and ex Shillington (hoard).

Commonly known as William Rufus (possibly due to having red hair in childhood, though not confirmed) was the third son of William the Conqueror and inherited the throne of England, his older brother Robert having inherited Normandy. William II's coinage has been generally accepted to include five types issued in the name of 'William' with uncertainty over when the PAXS type was introduced. He was killed while hunting in the New Forest, but whether an accident or murder is a matter of debate.

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