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Stephen Silver Penny 1135-1154AD Flag Type York Series £4,500.00
Stephen Silver Penny 1135-1154AD Flag Type York Series
19mm, 0.83g
A lovely example of this excessively rare series struck on a full flan with no edge chips which is rare for this type. Recorded with the PAS and provenance will be given to the winning bidder.

Dr Martin Allen has recently published a paper in the Numismatic Chronicle, Volume 176, 2016 titled The York Local Coinage of the Reign of Stephen (1135-54) where the flag types are listed as phase 3. Dr Allen lists 36 examples of the flag type across 21 different die varieties, and of this total ten are institutionalised.

The symbolism of the flag is that it is meant to represent the Battle of the Standard sometimes called the Battle of Northallerton, on the 22nd August 1138, when the English forces repelled a Scottish army at Cowton Moor near Northallerton.

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