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Sell to Silbury

At Silbury Coins we are always keen to buy new stock, be it individual coins or entire collections & hoards.

We really do know our stuff & even if it's not within our area of knowledge then we have many contacts in associated business worlds.

We are happy to offer advice & valuations.

Travelling around the country and abroad on a regular basis if you have a collection or significant find they we'll come to you.

With over 21 years personal experience handling coins & 83 year of combined experience you know you are in safe hands.

Dealers come to us to sell on a regular basis as we know the retail clients thus can achive the highest prices for coins & good artefacts, why sell to a middle man when you can sell to us directly.

A note on Auctions, wrongly people often think this is where you get the best price and you're partly right, at an auction a good price is often achived but by the time the auctioneer has taken their cut from the buyer (20%) and seller (15%) then you are left with far from a good price. We know most of the big buyers in this country and certainly aren't looking for a margin of 35% so by selling to Silbury you are gettng a better deal, our prices are guaranteed, not just estimates & most importantly of all we are strictly confidential.

If you'd like to discuss selling to us then call 01242 898107 or email info@silburycoins.com today.

Silbury Coins,

Gloucestershire, England   

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