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Coin Hoards are often found in Britain and are a great source of numismatic knowledge. When found they can be studied and often reveal fascinating facts about our past coinage. Most often seen are Roman Coin hoards (especially dating to the 4th century A.D.) but others from the Iron Age/Celtic period, Anglo Saxon, Viking, Norman & Medieval times are sometimes discovered.  Many are acquired by museums through The Treasure Act but sometimes they are returned to the discoverers and that is where we come in. We can conserve, research and publish a hoard in such a way that the coins and information surrounding it will be available for future generations to enjoy and further study. We are happy to offer free advice and would love to hear from anyone who has been lucky enough to find/own a hoard today.

Below you will see examples of our work and previous finds we have dealt with. We have more experience in this field than any other dealer/auction house so are well placed to help you, our Director has even found a few hoards himself!



The Falmouth Roman Coin Hoard

The Falmouth hoard of approximately 600-1000 roman bronze coins of the 3rd & 4th Century AD was found on farmland near Falmouth while ploughing on the 18th April 1865. This small parcel from the hoard was formally in the possession of the late Lord Stewartby (MP) who studied the find and wrote the following article.

A rare opportunity to acquire a coin from an interesting 19th century treasure find. Each coin comes with an individual Baldwin's paper envelope with annotations made by Lord Stewartby while cataloguing. View Coins for Sale

The Martock Hoard

21st July 2012. On a typical British summer morning two metal detectorists headed for a ploughed field near the village of Martock on the edge of the Somerset levels. They had targeted the field due to it being near the famous Fosse Way Roman road and on previous visits found evidence of Roman occupation so there was a sense of excitement as they headed down the green country lanes. Matthew & Paul are father and son and had been detecting for 25 years so knew a thing or two about reading fields and picking the best areas to search. This was certainly the case on this day. More information | View Coins for Sale

The Vine Leaf Hoard (AKA The Chawton Hoard)

Found by metal detectorists during spring 2012 on farmland in Chawton, Hampshire the hoard consists of 105 gold staters in total, 98 of Verica, 6 of Epaticcus and 1 of Cunobelin. More information

The Winterbourne Stickland Hoard

Discovered in summer 2013 by two avid metal detectorists, the finding of the Winterbourne Stickland hoard is an exciting event and one which most metal detectorist’s dream of, only a lucky few are involved in such an event. More information

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