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Past Hoards

The Martock Hoard

he find is to be known as ‘The Winterbourne Stickland Hoard’ after the locality to where it was found in the county of Dorset, South West England, close to Maiden Castle, which was thought to be the capital of the Durotriges. More information

The Vine Leaf Hoard (AKA The Chawton Hoard)

Found by metal detectorists during spring 2012 on farmland in Chawton, Hampshire the hoard consists of 105 gold staters in total, 98 of Verica, 6 of Epaticcus and 1 of Cunobelin. More information

The Winterbourne Stickland Hoard

Discovered in summer 2013 by two avid metal detectorists, the finding of the Winterbourne Stickland hoard is an exciting event and one which most metal detectorist’s dream of, only a lucky few are involved in such an event. More information

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